Birthday Holiday Blues Celebrating Deceased Love Ones

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It’s hard to not get the birthday holiday blues especially when celebrating deceased loved ones during this special time of the year. Which can be even harder when loved ones’ birthdays land close to the holiday season.

One thing to remember is that you can always keep the memory of your loved one alive by celebrating their birthday during the holidays!

A deceased loved one can still be celebrated on their birthday in many ways during the holiday season. Treasuring the presence of their memory in holiday festivities can be a wonderful way to honor them and celebrate their birthdays.

It just takes doing uplifting things to transform sad memories into great experiences to honor loved ones on their birthday for the holidays.

The most beautiful part is that you can celebrate the birthday of a loved one no longer living during the holidays no matter when their birthdate actually takes place.

There are no special rules you get to decide exactly how you prefer to celebrate your loved one’s birthday during the holiday season.

Birthdays are special and so are holiday memories. These two events are lasting memories. Here are some amazing ways to honor loved ones no longer living to celebrate their birthdays and include their memory during the holiday season.


Memory Candle – Honor a loved one with a special memory candle to celebrate their birthday during the holiday season. Enjoy special times of the day to give honor and appreciation for celebrating their birthday during the holiday season.

Create A Holiday Birthday Table – In honor of your loved one set up a holiday birthday table. Decorate the table with things your loved one enjoyed most about the holidays and ways they would have enjoyed the holiday season.

Build A Holiday Birthday Gifting List – Include a list of items your loved one would have wanted to receive and holiday gifts your loved one would have enjoyed gifting others. Make this listing experience as fun and exciting as possible.

Hold A Holiday Birthday Storytime – Expressly celebrate the birthday of your loved one with a storytime celebration during the holidays. Invite friends and family to tell their special stories about your loved one and how they plan to celebrate their memory for the holiday season.

Make A Holiday Birthday Donation – Donate to a charity that your loved one cared about and make a special donation during the holidays in their honor as a birthday celebration.

Deliver Birthday Flowers For The Holidays – Remember your loved one with special holiday birthday flowers delivered to their final resting place.

 Celebrating a loved one no longer with us doesn’t have to be a time for sadness during the holiday season. Do things to help honor their presence and memory traveled on earth for their birthday while celebrating the holidays.

We hope that you are able to enjoy the holidays and keep special memories of celebrating your loved ones’ birthdays alive!


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